Boundless Classes

Analysis Through Statistics

This class introduces students to the reality of how numbers are used to explain and influence our behavior.   In our modern world we are inundated by numbers that purport to show that just about anything under the sun can be proven true. Professional researchers studying the same phenomenon are able to reach contrary conclusions because of the means used to collect and interpret information. Students in Analysis Through Statistics will learn to look at data from the inside, discovering how data can be collected and manipulated.  This is a multi-quarter class.  It is recommended that students complete multiple years of IMACS mathematics instruction before taking Statistics.  

Essay Building: The Write Stuff

This class will support your child in the key area of writing proficiency. The ability to write better will help your child communicate more clearly, perform better on schoolwork and score higher on standardized tests. Your child’s writing proficiency depends on his or her ability to develop and organize thoughts, and then to present those thoughts in writing with a clear voice. This class is designed for students who already possess grade-level spelling and grammar, but need help organizing thoughts and constructing a well-reasoned paper.  Please call Boundless Education for details.

Creative Writing

In class we focus on captioning art and photos, with the students trying their hand at some captions which we share as a group and critique. The goal is to become adept at distilling the essence of the picture into a single sentence. Each week we work to develop detail and richness with an eye to seeing different details and descriptions. We bridge into creating a story line and creating investment into the life of the subject. Finally, we discuss conflict and resolution within a story. Each student will select a subject upon which to create a final story.

Writing Forms

This more advanced class should be completed after the introductory courses. It will delve into the myriad different forms that writing can take, from poetry to chronology to dialogue.  Each week the class will discuss and try their hands at a different form of writing and students will be introduced to, and encouraged to work with, various literary devices including metaphors, alliteration, rhyme schemes, and misdirection to name a few.   Students will produce original work and there will be a strong emphasis on having fun with the written word. The goal of this class is to enrich each student’s proficiency by giving them experience with many different kinds of writing, thus expanding the tools in each budding writer’s arsenal.